RB Design is a full design build company. We take the project from demolition to grand opening flags. Our team of professionals are dedicated to bring our clients a quality completed project with an on time schedule. We take time very serious and bring our clients a full 4 stage schedule so they can follow the ongoing progress. We really understand that when starting a project each day counts. We start with the demolition phase and next go into the rough phase. The next phase is bringing in components to the project and lastly going into phase 4 which is the finishing and completion phase. Throughout our projects supervision is a must, making sure all trades are working by our schedule and that all materials are on site. We build restaurants and bars. That’s what we do!

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New York Office
Restaurant and Bar Design NY

Phone: 917-939-0645
Email: rbdesign360@gmail.com


Florida Office
Restaurant Design 360
2875 South Congress Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: 561-817-0800
Email: rbdesign360@gmail.com