With RB Design we recommend all our clients to do what we call a discovery site inspection.  This enables our future client to get a clear vision on the integrity of the space.  What this review and inspection does is the following.  The plumbing waste line gets a camera inspection.  This at times can add big cost if the line is not large enough or it may have big dips or broken sections.  You wouldn’t want to have a finished project to learn you have a problem with your waste line.  All gas lines and meter size inspection, electrical inspection making sure there is enough volts and amperage to power the client’s business.  This would be on the client at this point and can be costly.  Inspect HVAC existing units, inspect sprinkler system to insure it is adequate.  It may not have one in which in many situations is required for restaurant establishments and that cost would be client responsibility.  Other things to consider would be knowing and identifying the issues before signing a lease. With knowing issues before hand it gives the client leverage with the landlord before signing a lease.

This can save the client thousands of dollars.  After the inspection a report will be written up in which you can now have as a negotiating tool.  This would be a landlord expense or more free time in which would off-set the cost for the client.  At times this can mean saving thousands of dollars. Without this inspection the client is not knowledgeable of the additional costs that can be ahead.  Without our discovery inspection after signing the lease it would be extra cost for the client.  With many years of experience we can save you on unknown costs.  We can also speak to the landlord on your behalf.  Ask us about our discovery site inspection for more details.  Cheap is expensive!

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