Before any construction is performed a full set of architectural plans are to be submitted to the Department of Buildings for review and approval, this is to make sure the plans are in full compliance with state building codes.  The full set of plans will require planning riser diagrams, electrical plan, HVAC, fire suppression, fire alarm if required, sprinkler system if required, lighting diagrams, occupancy diagram, parking diagram if required, signage if required, elevations, roof diagram if needed with HVAC and refrigeration components.  It also shows to scale say 1/4” to the foot, plan perspective drawing of a plan but shown in perspective.  Usually the architect incorporates his part of the plan with the engineer for all the mechanical drawings.  After the plans are stamped from our architect it gets handed to our expediter who completes all proper documents and submits to DOB. Depending on DOB workload and time of year it can take 3-4 weeks for approval in most cases.  All plans are stamped with architectural professional seals.  

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